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Explore Northern Ireland and find your perfect hiking or walking route for FREE using our Take A Hike NI Application.

Brew-IT in conjunction with Ideal Outdoors Ltd. (‘Take a Hike’) have launched TakeAHike NI as the first of many mobile applications. Our first App release, TakeAHike NI will provide users with hundreds walking and hiking routes throughout Northern Ireland.

The ‘Take a Hike’ group of Apps will be the best way to explore and find your perfect walking route for FREE and on the go!

The TakeAHike NI App will be fully interactive with the website shortly.

This interactive App allows you to browse hundreds of hiking routes throughout Northern Ireland. The App will then filter these routes to meet your needs and interests and provide a tailored list of routes which are suitable for you and their location.

Each hiking or walking route contains FREE information such as a detailed description of the route, directions to the route, key facts, users ratings/comments, photos, video and maps and nearby activities, attractions, accommodation and shops/restaurants.

Take a Hike NI uses the built in GPS technology of your phone to filter, find and locate suitable walking routes and also nearby activities, attractions, restaurants and accommodation.

Save your favourite routes on your phone for future use with no need for wifi or mobile signal when you’re out and about!

This App is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter for sharing your favourite walking routes and experiences with you family and friends.

All basic walking routes information is FREE but some walking routes will also contain premium researched information, accurate handheld GPS surveyed routes, geo-tagged photos & video, walk cross section profiles and topographical mapping (i.e. OS) and which can be easily purchased in-App for a small fee giving you detailed information on the go!

The Apps easy 3 Step process to find your perfect walking route

1. Enter your preferences such as your location, your required walk location, length, type, duration, difficulty, and other interests

2. Select a walking route from the list/map of tailored walking routes which match your preferences

3. Use App to find and do the walk ! and find other nearby services before or after your walk

The Take A Hike NI App is FREE and will let you do the following on the Go!

1. Search for suitable walking routes anywhere in NI, by matching your specific requirements such as route location, type, length, difficulty, etc

2. Rate and comment on walking routes using the App including submitting your own duration and difficulty grading for others to review.

3. Share walking routes, experiences and stories with others via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

4. Get directions to some walking route from your location.

5. Find nearby products or services such as accommodation/restaurants, presented by distance from the walking route or your GPS location.

By Tom Brewster

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